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Over 34 years of experience

Architectural Sheet Metal
Architects spend a lot of time and thought producing creative designs. At MCT we can make those designs a reality.

Specialty Roofing
We have installed just about every type of roof imaginable using materials ranging from shingles to slate and from sheet metals to clay tiles.

Specialty Sheet Metal Design
In addition to roofing we can also design and create challenging architectural elements such as specialty steeples, domes and items for historical renovations.

Retro-fit Roofing Solutions
Great for updating the look of your structure. Change your current flat roof design for a new sloped modern look.

Residential Roofing
Architectural sheet metal applications for new or renovated multi-unit apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes.

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Solutions for Architects and Builders

Since 1977 MCT has provided top-quality award-winning architectural sheet metal products and services to schools, churches, residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout southeast Texas and western Louisiana. Our services include custom fabrication of various sheet metal materials such as stainless and copper.

We also install sheet metal and other roofing systems, gutters, flashing, waterproofing components, specialty items used in historical renovations, facilities maintenance and work on challenging architectural designs. We have a fleet of mobile fabrication shops that allow us to quickly custom fabricate just about anything we need on site. We go the extra mile to ensure your job is completed with the highest level of excellence.

Retro-fit Roof Conversions

Sheet Metal Roofing

We can retro-fit your existing roof with a new roofing system. The most common conversion is taking a flat tar roof and converting it to a pitched roof. This is often less expensive over time when maintenance is considered.

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Maintenance Services

Sheet Metal Roofing

Most maintenance problems are caused by water leaks. As a leading roofing contractor, we provide repair and maintenance services to keep your facilities leak free and in top shape.

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Architectural Designs

Sheet Metal Roofing

MCT Sheet Metal provides fabrication services for a wide variety of challenging architectural designs. These range from copper domes and steeples to specialty finishes and artistic elements.

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Specialty Storage Buildings

Sheet Metal Roofing

We can meet your regulatory requirements for storing environmentally sensitive materials. Our custom design services also include building portable construction offices and workshops.

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