Continuous Form Gutters

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Much of the damage from water happens when your gutter system begins to leak. Most often from a failed connection joint or when the gutter attachments or drains begin to fail. MCT has a proven way to prevent and/or stop gutter leaks. We provide attractive, durable, cost-efficient metal gutters manufactured using a continuous form process. This process:

  • Eliminates nearly all joints
  • Provides custom lengths - virtually unlimited lengths
  • Attractive and durable - wide variety of colors (pre-finished metal)
  • Formed onsite and custom fit to your structure
  • Fast process can form about 300 to 500 linear feet of gutter in 3 hours



Option "A" MCT provides the base material (coils of pre-finished metal), calculates the gutter lengths in advance, then comes to the job site and roll forms the gutters using MCT's special equipment (see photo) operated by MCT's trained operators. The gutters then can be installed by MCT, by the owner, or by another roofing sheet metal contractor according to prior agreement.

Option "B" The owner (or other roofing/sheet metal contractor) orders the base material (coils of pre-finished metal) from the supplier, together with the overall order of pre-finished metal roofing. MCT then forms the finished gutters on site, the same as in Option "A" above. The owner/other contractor calculates the gutter lengths in advance and provides two workers on site to assist MCT in fabricating the gutters which then are installed by the owner /other contractor.


Optional Features

  • Gutter Ends: Standard end or OG end
  • Downspout: square, rectangle, or round (copper only)
  • Downspout Outlets Gutter Brackets
  • Expansion Joint Covers
  • Top Straps


Available Material ( wide variety of colors)

  • Pre-Finished Steel, 26 or 24 Gauge
  • Paint Grip Galvanized Steel, 26 or 24
  • Gauge Galvanized Steel, 26 or 24 Gauge
  • Pre-Finished Aluminum, maximum .032
  • Copper, maximum 16-ounce
  • Stainless Steel, maximum 26 Gauge


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